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Digital File : The most important element of giclee printing is the digital file. We scan your original work using a large format camera with a digital scan-back to create this digital file.

Direct Scan : The Betterlight digital scanning back directly captures the image projected by the camera optics, creating a hi-resolution file. Traditionally, the image is captured on film and is then scanned. However, this process leads to a loss of color accuracy, detail, and workflow efficiency.

Proof : Direct capture also facilitates the proofing process since color corrections can be made first hand. Even if you are not ready to do a run of prints, it is a good idea to scan and proof an original work that you may no longer have access to. The file can be used in lieu of a transparency for any output method as well as giclee prints. Scan once, and output many.

Film Scan : In some cases, the only archive available is transparency or film material. We use a professional drum scanner that will scan this material to create a digital file.

Transparency : If you are uncomfortable shipping your original work to us, you will need to have it scanned locally or have a transparency shot by a professional photographer. Color and gray control strips should be included with the final image. We recommend using Kodak's standard color control patches and gray scale.

File Archiving : While we archive files on site as a convenience to our customers, we do not guarantee the service indefinitely. Therefore we recommend that you order a CD of your scanned image to insure redundancy. Pricing here.