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Contract : Proofing assures both the client and Giclee Print Net are in agreement on the print job expectations. It enables color and detail to be previewed before the job is printed.

Proof : The proofing procedure varies depending upon the customer's needs. While one client may be happy if a print looks good, another may want the print to exactly match the original work. Usually, one proof and a subsequent color correction are sufficient.

A digital artist may not want a proof at all if the work has never appeared as a print. However, if the artist does know how the file should look as a print, proofing may make sense since color matching is encumbered by the variance of monitor output.

Required : Remember, proofing is required when working from transparency materials and it is highly recommended when scanning original works of art to make sure color expectations are met.
Print On-Demand : The digital file and physical proof are archived and used for future prints. The archived proof insures consistent on-demand printing.

Future Prints : Ordering future prints after your image has been proofed or printed is simple. Just contact us and have us to run your job again. We will pull all the job information from our archive and print the job. There are no recurring charges for you except the printing.