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Print pricing for Crane Museo Silver Rag
This fine art paper was designed with fiber based photo paper and a fine art photographer in mind. It has the semi-gloss look of a traditional fiber print with the feel of a fine cotton paper.
# Sheets12-34-78-1516-3132-6364+
SizeWtPer Sheet Printing Price for Silver Rag - 1/18/2019
17x22"    300 gsm $54$44$38$34$33$31$29
22x44"    300 gsm $101$81$71$63$60$58$54
36x44"    300 gsm $158$127$111$99$95$91$85
44x48"    300 gsm $208$166$146$130$125$120$112
44x88"    300 gsm $374$300$262$234$225$215$201
50x54"    300 gsm $265$212$185$166$159$152$142
50x98"    300 gsm $473$378$331$296$284$272$254
Note: Multiple images can be printed on a sheet. Ganging charges may apply.
Detail shows 3" wide sample.