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Internet Solution : Your art can be displayed and sold in Giclée Print Net's E-gallery. It is a valuable solution and tool to give your work presence and accessibility. We feel that traditional avenues of marketing are still the best – gallery representation and art shows. However, our E-gallery is an excellent complement to these methods and is a great way for you to supply your work to your clients easily.

Display & Sell : Displaying your work in our E-gallery provides a convenient portfolio for your clients to reference.  Furthermore, when you join the Giclée Print Net Gallery you will receive high quality printmaking expertise, collective marketing, internet exposure, and total sales management.

Artist Details : Send your image transparencies, original artwork, or digital files to Giclée Print Net. If your work is accepted, you will need to send an artist bio and/or statement and the URL of your web page if you have one.
Image Details : For each gallery image you will need to send the following information to us.

» Title of the Work
» Short Description of the Work
» Printed Image Size
» Printed Medium
» Price of Print
» Signed or Unsigned
» Edition Count or Open Edition
» Category for your Work

Fees : GPN will scan , clean, and archive all images at scheduled GPN prices. The image(s) will be posted upon payment of a $25 handling fee and a scanning fee (if applicable.) Prints will be produced at scheduled GPN prices for all artists. A $25 fee per online image per year will be assessed anually. A 5% sales commission will be applied on all E-gallery transactions. The art buyer is responsible for all shipping costs.