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MM Kent
Ozark Mountains, AR
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A native of Texas, MMKent was lucky enough to have a mother who encouraged his youthful artistic pursuits. After attending college as a liberal arts student at UT, and later living on a beach in Mexico, Kent found his home in the woods of Northern Arkansas. He then spent a number of years raising children, gardens and livestock while working as a country store proprietor, construction worker, furniture builder and woodcarver. 
In 1986, Kent began painting landscapes. With a few lessons and lots of books, he taught himself the essentials of traditional oil painting. A persistent impulse to integrate the human element into his artistic vocabulary led him to practice still life, which prepared him to begin figure painting. Until the Fall of 2000, MM Kent's figure paintings had never been shown. The 51 year old artist has spent three years working in seclusion and building a body of work. A limited selection of these paintings have been offered for sale. 
Artist's Statement 
"Hello from MM Kent. I have a few things to say aboout ART. For me, art has been a process more than a product. For a number of years, I've been practicing art. There are times: when I have eliminated everything but subject and materials; when I enter the mysterious union with that which isn't me; when the awesome beauty of life is overwhelming. There are other times: when my paints and brushes are thwarting me at every stroke; when the color won't work; when I've forgotten to be humble and ask for guidance. These experiences are the core of what art is. Sometimes it's harmony, and sometimes it's a struggle, but in either case art is about a profound connection between the artist and the outer world. 
I prefer to work from life. People with different experiences and perceptions will have different interpretations of my style. I don't need to label it. In my art, I've been working with symbolism that includes wings and roots. Both symbols have many connotations for humans, and it's not my role to list or limit them. However, I believe we all need both wings and roots to realize our human potential. 
One classic association of wings and roots is that of the spirit and the body. I am interested in appreciating the beauty of each individual being, body and spirit unseparated. We are constantly faced with two choices in life- love or fear. My desire is to express love and let the viewer enter a place of nourishment created by my experience. Have a good day!" 
MM Kent 
Wimberley TX