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Frequently Asked Questions :

Can I reproduce an image from my digital camera?
What are the resolutions of your printers?
What is dot gain?
How much can I sell my giclee prints for?
Where is your printing facility located?
Are my 35 mm slides suitable for reproduction?
Can you scan artwork directly?
Can I upload my digital files to your site?
How large of an image can you print?
Do photographers print on watercolor papers?
How large should my digital files be?
Can I stretch canvas giclee prints?
Do I need to copyright my work?
Can my web image be copied and reproduced?
How long will my prints last?
How do I pay for your services?
Should I protect my prints and are they waterproof?
Why convert and work in RGB instead of CMYK?
How do I color balance my image in Photoshop?
What is saturation?
How do I properly sharpen an image in Photoshop?
Do you really delete the file when requested?
What is a typical edition size?
How do I price my edition?

Yes, and we offer this service. If you do plan to stretch your prints, be sure to figure in a border to the print.

You can wrap canvas to the back of the stretcher bars or to the sides. Wrapping to the back allows the print to be displayed without a frame, however more border is necessary. If stretching to the sides a frame will be needed to cover unsightly staples.

For heavy duty back-wrapped prints, allow a 3 inch border for stretching. Likewise, a 1.5 inch border for side-wrapped. For standard bars, allow 2 inch and 1 inch borders respectively.

A stretched canvas will add weight and dimensional size to a package. We need to know these factors before quoting a shipping price, but it typically will not be more than twice normal shipping cost.

If you want to stretch you own canvas, we will leave a border for you to work with. We also recommend applying a clear coat after stretching.