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Digital File : The most important element of giclée printing is the digital file. Without quality input, no printer can produce quality output – garbage in, garbage out. Make sure your digital file is prepared properly and contains no unwanted artifacts before sending it to us.

Digital Color : Compose your color files in the Adobe RGB 98 workspace. A printed RGB color output swatch is available on request. This will help you determine how your file will look when printed.

File Types : Save your files as TIFs with LZW compression or flattened Photoshop PSDs. LZW is a lossless compression that does not degrade the image quality. To the contrary, JPG compression is a lossy compression. Avoid opening and resaving JPG files as this may degrade color fidelity and image sharpness.

File Sizes : Simply enlarging an image file with a graphics program, such as Photoshop, does nothing to enhance output quality. If your image has very fine detail and is to be printed on canvas or photobase paper, creating it between 200 & 350 dpi will be more than sufficient to maintain the sharpness. The file should be initially created with the final output size as the determining factor for the file size. Use the table below as a guide.

Output Size  |  @200 dpi  |  @300 dpi
    11"x14"        17 MB        38 MB
    16"x20"        36 MB        80 MB
    28"x20"        64 MB        144 MB
    32"x44"        160 MB      360 MB

Guide Prints : If you have artist proofs or guide prints available and exact color is critical to you, send them to us to make sure we are accurate and consistent with your intent. Remember, monitor colors vary drastically.