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Digitally Archive Your Collection
There is no better way to archive an image than with our Betterlight digital capturing system. For archiving purposes, film has been rendered obsolete by the Betterlight technology.

Galleries & Museums
Digital capture is a permanent solution for archiving your assets. Unlike traditional film archiving, digitization is not susceptible to degradation due to elements such as humidity, fire, or temperature fluctuation.

Private Holdings
As with galleries and museums, digital capture is the best method for archiving your investment.

Digital capture is less expensive and better quality than traditional film archiving methodologies.  For large collections, works can be captured for as little as $40 versus $150 per transparency which includes impending digitization costs.

Non-Destructive Sensing & Imaging
Another advantage to digital archiving is that the technology for capturing the image is a non-destructive process. There is no glass contact with original work.

Our Projects
We've digitally archived major collections for The Sangre de Cristo Arts Center of Colorado, Sotheby's Auction House, The Gene Kloss Collection, Field & Stream Magazine, The Francis King Collection of Western Art, The A. R. Mitchell Museum, and The Hermitage Group from St. Petersburg, Russia.

On-Site Scanning
Our mobile group will arrange to come to you for your project. If you want to digitally archive your collection, call us for a consultation and quote.